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All of this today. Psyched!

About the new single «-2»

The song comes with big drums, punchy basses and a strong message:

Sure thing you can do it all, with your back to the wall when they said it all. You don’t know where to go, but you’re not lost
— Lyrics taken from «-2»

This one-shot video was filmed by BAUM on his smartphone and performed and edited by Alma Lucrezia Querida Buchli. Don't be too hard on us - this is a no budget video, but we hope you still like it. Feel free to comment below!


«Things In Life» was the first song we started working on for the upcoming album «Kingdom Of The Upright Man». We touched down in New York in November 2015, settled in at Studio G Brooklyn, and continued creating the instrumentation on the song. We set up two drum kits opposite of each other in the studio, so our dream-team Marc and André could work their mighty magic. The groundwork was laid. Some rhythms and stomps later, we continued by creating a wall of electric guitars at the Strange Weather Recording Studio.

Now, this all sounds like a quick process, but after the basic components were decided, it was all about fine-tuning. Adding a little here, losing a bit there. Believe it or not, but the song wasn’t finished until just a few weeks ago! People kept asking why this took so long. Truth is: a song with two drummers, mighty stomps and a wall of electric guitars takes time – especially if you want it to be great instead of just good!

So here we finally go: our new single «Things In Life» is now available in any of your favorite download stores:

New single available soon!

We've been putting a ton of energy and devotion into our upcoming album «Kingdom Of The Upright Man» - and now we finally get to share the first single with you! The single will be available from March 3rd.

«Things In Life» links where the EP «penpapercoffee» ends and «Kingdom Of The Upright Man» begins. This first single summons all of us to learn from things that happen in life, so that we may be less guided by our goals, but more by our hopes and dreams.

This is a lyric video. Sign Language translated and performed by Gabriela Hauswirth at procom, the Swiss Foundation for Communication Aids for the Hearing Impaired People. For more credits and production details, check our Youtube Channel.

Partnering with Muve Recordings

Right when we started working on the new album, I knew it would be different. I wasn’t going to repeat what I’d already done before. I wasn’t going to bask in the comfort zone. So, instead of going all «Safety First» by fulfilling everyone’s expectations, I was about to challenge my own routines.

The new songs reflect much more intensity and a raw energy. A pattern that only seems fitting in these troubled times all over the world. Because now is not the time to be complacent – it’s the time to rise and create a strong voice. On behalf of all people involved in the making of this album, I hope the songs will support and empower you – so you can not only like but also love it.

Needless to say that a goal like this requires great people to work with, great partners that trust and support us. In short: people who are up for the challenge because they see beyond it. And let me tell you: it ain’t easy to find’em! Which is why, I’m more than happy and proud to announce our new partner for the upcoming album «Kingdom Of The Upright Man»: Muve Recordings. Founded in 1935, the independent record company has a long history in the swiss and international music industry. They exclusively distribute leading artists such as Adele, Depeche Mode and Moby in Switzerland and in turn represent Swiss artists like Gotthard, Pegasus and Müslüm abroad. We are very much looking forward to working with General Director Pascal Künzi and A&R/Product Manager Andrea Gujer in the future!

FLTR: A&R/Product Manager Andrea Gujer, BAUM, General Director Pascal Künzi.

FLTR: A&R/Product Manager Andrea Gujer, BAUM, General Director Pascal Künzi.

We all can’t wait to publish the new album, but with all these recent changes, it’ll still take some time to do it right. There’s a whole lot more preparation involved than one might think. Which is why we are endlessly thankful for all of your patience – you won’t be disappointed!

Our song in Germany's top 6 movie!

Grab some popcorn, take a seat and lean back. The German motion picture called «Mad About Fixi» («Verrückt nach Fixi») is now running in cinemas – and our single «Home One Day» is part of the soundtrack! But wait, it gets so much better: After only a week in cinemas, the comedy is already on sixth place of the German cinema charts! That's more than 55'000 people who watched it – and heard our song. We couldn't be more proud!

World premiere: BAUM on Radio Woodstock (NY, USA)

Our Co-Producer and lovely friend Tim Leitner was invited to share some of his favorite music, and we are so proud and humbled he chose two of our songs. We are also super-happy to learn that Radio Woodstock enjoyed it – the song «Sad» received the verdict «mesmerizing»! Of course we’d love to swing by with the new album once it’s out.

Take a listen here – we're on at 1:42:42.

Farewell Matthias Müller

Our hearts are filled with sadness as we say farewell to Matthias Müller. As founder and president of the Baloise Session he has done incredible work for the city of Basel in organizing a magnificent internationally renowned festival. We will painfully miss his warmth and his enthusiasm for music.

Sending our condolences to his relatives and the entire Baloise Session team – may you find strength and comfort during this difficult time.

Baloise Session CEO Beatrice Stirnimann: «Matthias' wish was that the festival - his lifework - will continue in his spirit. The Board of Directors and the whole team of Baloise Session will meet this desire and thus honor his memory.» - Taken from the article on «Tagewoche», read more here (German only).

Two drummers in sync

Yes, we have two drummers on stage. And yes, it's awesome. The more we play, the more their synchronicity shines through. It's so powerful - and so much fun.

Apparently, we're not the only ones who enjoy this setup. Last year, after a corporate Baloise Session gig, drummer Gary Wallis (Pink Floyd, Mike & The Mechanics) told our drummers: «What you guys are doing on stage is so unique and special - keep doing it!»

Festival season is not over yet, and we'll definitely be playing more shows in autumn. Make sure to swing by and witness the wizards behind the drums: Marc Hemantha Hufschmid and André Bader. Here's a short sneak peek:



Good Things Take Time

They say good things take time. So what about great things? Because that’s what this next album is going to be – and that’s why it takes time. But don’t fret: we’re on the home stretch. Recordings are almost done, and then all that’s left to do is mixing & mastering.

Sometimes the first spark of ideas goes through a tremendous metamorphosis on its way to the final version. A perfect example is «Manmade Boxes». This song has come a long way, standing on the outskirts at first, but growing on me more and more along the process.


«Manmade Boxes» is about us, the urban people. We stand in line, try to conquer daily grind and make a stand so we’re not getting squashed into these square boxes that we've built ourselves. Because being part of a community doesn't mean you're just a small wheel in a giant machine. We're individuals, connecting through what makes each of us unique. Or as Bernie Sanders would say: We're in this together.

Now you know what the song is about – but what will it sound like? I can’t play it to you just yet, but I promise it’s intense. It’s dark and haunting, unformed and yet strongly rhythmic. The song had moodswings, starting out like an echo and ending with a bang. Right now we’re working on that band. This is where Marc and André beat the sh**t out of their drum kits.

Does that sound like a pop-radio-single? Nope, it doesn’t. And that’s OK. It’s not important if this song will be played on the radio. Because sometimes life is about energy, not about being pretty and beautiful and nice and what have you. Sometimes, when you feel like being bold, you should just go for it. We all should from time to time. Do what’s right for you, and only you. Trust me: it feels great.

«Home One Day» is a movie score!

We are proud to announce that our single «Home One Day» will be part of the soundtrack of director Mike Marzuk's new movie «Verrückt nach Fixi»!

The coming-of-age comedy is a German youth movie in which director Mike Marzuk explores the subject of becoming an adult in an amusing way. The movie will hit cinemas in October 2016.

Photo © SamFilm GmbH, Marc Reimann

Photo © SamFilm GmbH, Marc Reimann

Happy New Year


Only moments till midnight, moments until a new year begins.

What did 2015 teach us, what will remain?

There was this one day out of the past 365 that showed me there's a thin line between pleasure and pain: It was November 13th. We were working on our new album at Strange Weather Studio in Brooklyn. Full of energy, we were enthusiastic and about to create something really big. And then the news came in about the terror attacks in Paris.

So, yes, 2015 was a great year - but at the same time also a pretty fucked-up year.

Great, because we had the chance to play at lots of new places, meeting incredibly amazing people. They became friends. And we started the production for the next album. Being allowed to take these important steps together with our partners and sponsors fills us with pride and gratitude.

But no album may be as important as the fact that countless people are being abused, tortured or murdered in the name of any religion. That millions of people are on the run. And that, for example in Switzerland, my country, right-wing parties are successfully pursuing policies against these refugees, rather than  helping them unconditionally.

For 2016, I wish that we all stand closer together again. Let's not put our humanity at stake. We will reward each other with love and happiness.

Making a New Album: Tim Leitner in Switzerland!

We went to New York. We had such a great time, got a lot done. But yet, we weren't done - there was more to come. And now, our producer Tim Leitner has come to Switzerland - and it's his first time here! So, we now have a very important part of New York here with us in Basel. For the next 10 days or so, we will be at the studio EVERY day, ALL day. Recording, arranging, creating... doing everything we can to make these fresh songs perfect for the upcoming album.

We won't be posting daily news this time, simply because we don't have our media team with us at all times. But we will keep you updated.

Making a New Album: Leaving New York

We came to New York with only one and a half songs. Two weeks later, we've got ten.

But still, there’s a lot more to do. We’re not done yet. And so, on our last day, we made plans to continue working together after we leave New York. Right now, it looks as though Tim Leitner will come to Switzerland, where we will finish what we’ve started.

With this in mind, we were fueled to make the best of our last day at the studio. Towards the end of the day, we got to a breakthrough in one of our new songs. Ideas sparked and of course things got a little hectic. Minutes away from the end of our studio-time, we nailed the guidetrack - such an adrenaline rush!

And then it was time to say goodbye. Time to pack up not only the gear, but also the positive energy we’ve built up over the past two weeks.

It’s always hard to leave. To match the way we felt, the clouds opened up and New York cried thick raindrops. But luckily, the process we’ve started isn’t over yet. There’s more to come, and we are thankful for it.

We are also thankful for everyone who followed our journey so far. We hope our news and videos allowed you to feel the same magic we’ve felt.

More to come - promise!

Making a New Album: Day Twelve

One might think that, after all these long days at the studio, creativity might have decreased.

But that’s not the case. On the contrary: We came up with the tenth song! It really just started off with a couple of piano tunes and has come a long way from there already. We’ve been writing lyrics and wrote verses, bridge and chorus over night at the hotel, then took some first takes at the studio the next day.

The tune is still so fresh, it’s barely born yet. There’s gonna be much more development and evolution to this song. Who knows, you might not even recognize it once it’s on the album. But that’s the beauty of creating something new: we all seperately start somewhere, come together to join ideas, and then shape them into something unique. It’s a fun process, and we don’t mind doing overtime for that.

Talking about overtime: Ramon recorded bass at the studio right until the last minute before he had to leave for the airport. Our group has been getting smaller and smaller… First one of our drummers, Marc, took back to Switzerland, cutting the drum-duo in half. Then our filmer/photographer Remo left and now the media team is down to one. And lastly, Ramon leaving makes there only few of us left until «the bitter end». It somehow feels like an extended goodbye to this super-creative and productive time in New York.

But, it ain’t over till it’s over - which is why we are working on song number ten. And it’s such a catchy tune that we can’t feel sad about having to leave soon. Not now. Not yet.

Making a New Album: Day Eleven

Now would be the perfect moment to take a day off, get some rest before going back to the studio with new energy. But our time here is limited. Only a few more days left inside this creative bubble before we head back to Switzerland.

It's hard work, but we love it. We are like the squirrels from Central Park: Playful but busy.

Making a New Album: Day Ten

New York has an energy that projects onto everyone here. There’s a drive, a high level of speed and everything is in constant movement.

We are working on a song that represents this speed and strength really well. We’re not going to give away too much, but here’s a first listen of the basic rhythm it’ll have. And there’s going to be much, much more on this song!

It's called «Buffalo» - you'll feel why.

Making a New Album: Day Nine

It’s been emotional these past days. We were all shocked about what is happening in the world right now. Whenever possible, we took a moment to reflect.

But then it was also time to refocus on the production, because after all we’re here on a mission and time is slowly running out. And we also had to sort of regroup: Ramon arrived from Switzerland to join us, while Marc headed back to Switzerland.

Somehow, this regrouping wasn’t all that easy. The long hours were starting to take its toll, and we didn’t exactly have the most efficient day. You know, in every production you’re gonna have days like that. Where you’re not achieving the results you want, or where it’s just more talk and less output.

Things don’t always run smoothly. But the good news is that - after throwing around ideas and discussions - we didn’t only record a great song, but we also all still love each other. And that’s what’s important: No matter how hard the work, no matter how long the days - as long as we stick together, it’ll all be good in the end.

Making a New Album: Day Seven

We’ve been working very hard for the past week, and we’ve been advancing at great speed. There’s been a lot of intense moments and a high level of creativity.

Naturally, long working days and only few moments to rest are starting to take their toll on us. So, besides maintaining the productive and creative energy, we also cherish the few moments of quiet reflection. Like staring across the Hudson river early in the morning, or just observing the streets while waiting at a traffic light.

In those moments, we are usually accompanied by the songs we’re working on. They are glued into our heads and stitched into our hearts. Any given moment, we will ponder over them. And a quiet moment, no matter how brief, is all it takes to refocus.

We're in this recording bubble - hardly anything from the outside gets through. But then it does. And sometimes it makes you stop, refocus, reflect.

Attacks, explosions, shootings, hostages in Paris... Where is our world headed?