Fri-Yay Release Alert

It's FRI-YAY on iTunes! You can:

  • download our new single «-2»
  • preorder our upcoming album «Kingdom Of The Upright Man»
  • get the free bonus track «We Wake Up» upon preordering

All of this today. Psyched!

About the new single «-2»

The song comes with big drums, punchy basses and a strong message:

Sure thing you can do it all, with your back to the wall when they said it all. You don’t know where to go, but you’re not lost
— Lyrics taken from «-2»

This one-shot video was filmed by BAUM on his smartphone and performed and edited by Alma Lucrezia Querida Buchli. Don't be too hard on us - this is a no budget video, but we hope you still like it. Feel free to comment below!