Happy New Year


Only moments till midnight, moments until a new year begins.

What did 2015 teach us, what will remain?

There was this one day out of the past 365 that showed me there's a thin line between pleasure and pain: It was November 13th. We were working on our new album at Strange Weather Studio in Brooklyn. Full of energy, we were enthusiastic and about to create something really big. And then the news came in about the terror attacks in Paris.

So, yes, 2015 was a great year - but at the same time also a pretty fucked-up year.

Great, because we had the chance to play at lots of new places, meeting incredibly amazing people. They became friends. And we started the production for the next album. Being allowed to take these important steps together with our partners and sponsors fills us with pride and gratitude.

But no album may be as important as the fact that countless people are being abused, tortured or murdered in the name of any religion. That millions of people are on the run. And that, for example in Switzerland, my country, right-wing parties are successfully pursuing policies against these refugees, rather than  helping them unconditionally.

For 2016, I wish that we all stand closer together again. Let's not put our humanity at stake. We will reward each other with love and happiness.