Making a New Album: Day Five

Rainy weather is perfect for a slow song. Or is it the slow song that’s perfect for rainy weather?

Either way, it just so happens that we worked on a slow song today. Instead of stampede drums and strong guitars, we now had to play very gently. Which can be pretty hard at times. How light can one play drums or touch the piano for it to sound as soft as possible? And how much does a millimeter of broken fingernail affect the sound of precise guitar picking?

We worked through these few challenges and were all really pleased with the result. It’s nice to leave the studio with a feeling of thankfulness and a portion of pride. Despite the nasty wind and rain outside, we felt warm and comforted inside. So, yes, maybe it is the song that matches the weather. Like a blanket or a hot cup of coffee, a warm embrace to shield yourself from the raging storms outside. Or like a big hug from your loved ones, making any cloudy day more bright.

We’ll see what the weather does tomorrow. If it keeps raining, maybe we’ll keep working on slow songs.