Making a New Album: Day Four

The songs we’ve recorded so far have been running on repeat through our headphones and in our heads. The energy they project on all of us is so strong that it’s hard to now back off from the recording routine to build up all gear at Strange Weather Recording Studio in Brooklyn.

The preparation before recording can take up a lot of time and should not be underrated. We’ve got a lot of different stations to set up, new gear to familiarize with and tons of knobs to program. Honestly, it took us almost the entire day just to get set up!

Even though there wasn’t much recording today, we did start working on a brand new idea. So far it’s just rhythm and a beautiful melody, no lyrics yet. What we already know is that this is gonna be one about time. Not good times or bad times - just time. And we all already feel it’s a special tune with a huge amount of power and beauty.

So now we’re all settled in here, and tomorrow we’re gonna hit it. Get back that energy we had going for the past days with Tony and Mike at Studio G. Can’t wait!