Making a New Album: Day Nine

It’s been emotional these past days. We were all shocked about what is happening in the world right now. Whenever possible, we took a moment to reflect.

But then it was also time to refocus on the production, because after all we’re here on a mission and time is slowly running out. And we also had to sort of regroup: Ramon arrived from Switzerland to join us, while Marc headed back to Switzerland.

Somehow, this regrouping wasn’t all that easy. The long hours were starting to take its toll, and we didn’t exactly have the most efficient day. You know, in every production you’re gonna have days like that. Where you’re not achieving the results you want, or where it’s just more talk and less output.

Things don’t always run smoothly. But the good news is that - after throwing around ideas and discussions - we didn’t only record a great song, but we also all still love each other. And that’s what’s important: No matter how hard the work, no matter how long the days - as long as we stick together, it’ll all be good in the end.