Making a New Album: Day One

Thanks to the jetlag, getting up early was easy. Quick coffee, then we headed over to Brooklyn.

We’ll be working at the Studio G for the next few days - and boy, it’s great! Made by hand and with a true passion for music, that’s for sure. Nice, big rooms, walls lined with wood. And there’s lots of material to suit a musician’s needs: shelves stacked with drums, pedals, amps… We all feel like kids in a toy store!

But we’re not (really) kids anymore, and we’re not (just) here to play. And so we get down to business. We started off with something powerful and strong: drums for the song «Things In Life».

Marc and André played in perfect sync. We witnessed some pretty magic moments when their minds connected and patterns just clicked.

On good productive workdays, time just moves faster. Evening came and it was time to leave the studio. But we weren’t ready to let it go just yet - because after recording is before recording. And so we ended up doing some preproduction tracks back at the hotel. Yup, no late night in the city - just lots of good ideas and good work.

As you can see, we’re really making the best of the time we have here. What’s next? Tune back in tomorrow!