Making a New Album: Day Seven

We’ve been working very hard for the past week, and we’ve been advancing at great speed. There’s been a lot of intense moments and a high level of creativity.

Naturally, long working days and only few moments to rest are starting to take their toll on us. So, besides maintaining the productive and creative energy, we also cherish the few moments of quiet reflection. Like staring across the Hudson river early in the morning, or just observing the streets while waiting at a traffic light.

In those moments, we are usually accompanied by the songs we’re working on. They are glued into our heads and stitched into our hearts. Any given moment, we will ponder over them. And a quiet moment, no matter how brief, is all it takes to refocus.

We're in this recording bubble - hardly anything from the outside gets through. But then it does. And sometimes it makes you stop, refocus, reflect.

Attacks, explosions, shootings, hostages in Paris... Where is our world headed?