Making a New Album: Day Twelve

One might think that, after all these long days at the studio, creativity might have decreased.

But that’s not the case. On the contrary: We came up with the tenth song! It really just started off with a couple of piano tunes and has come a long way from there already. We’ve been writing lyrics and wrote verses, bridge and chorus over night at the hotel, then took some first takes at the studio the next day.

The tune is still so fresh, it’s barely born yet. There’s gonna be much more development and evolution to this song. Who knows, you might not even recognize it once it’s on the album. But that’s the beauty of creating something new: we all seperately start somewhere, come together to join ideas, and then shape them into something unique. It’s a fun process, and we don’t mind doing overtime for that.

Talking about overtime: Ramon recorded bass at the studio right until the last minute before he had to leave for the airport. Our group has been getting smaller and smaller… First one of our drummers, Marc, took back to Switzerland, cutting the drum-duo in half. Then our filmer/photographer Remo left and now the media team is down to one. And lastly, Ramon leaving makes there only few of us left until «the bitter end». It somehow feels like an extended goodbye to this super-creative and productive time in New York.

But, it ain’t over till it’s over - which is why we are working on song number ten. And it’s such a catchy tune that we can’t feel sad about having to leave soon. Not now. Not yet.