Making a New Album: Day Two

Here’s the thing: You can work hard, get up early, write songs and do everything right. But there’ll always be murphy’s law lurking somewhere around the corner. Like when you just need to record a guide track on your laptop - and then the midi-keyboard doesn’t communicate with the music program on the mac computer. It’s frustrating! Especially because it took us ages to find out what the issue was. Damn, sometimes computers make me sick.

But anyways, problems are here to be solved - and we did! Thanks to Mike from Studio G we were ready to go in no time. After that, we really went all in on the day.

We did another powerful round of drums, this time for the new song «Buffalo». Although «drums» might be an understatement. More like building up a massive stampede, lifting the song to a new level. Intense, raw and really precise.

After these strong rhythms, we got quiet with «We Wake Up». It ain’t finished yet, of course, but let’s just say there were some teary eyes in the studio already…

It was a day full of productivity, lots of tension and the best sides of both worlds - the powerful and the soft.