What it takes to make a New Record


It’s official: our new album will launch in 2016!

There are a lot of steps along the way, and we’ll be taking you along for the ride. The entire process will be documented and we’ll post new things here regularly. This is for all of those who ever wondered what it’s really like to plan, prepare and create a new album. For all of those who want to see how much work is actually involved. And for all of those who can’t wait for the album release!

So, what is it that we will be doing until March? Well, let's start with these main steps along the way:


It all starts with words, a rhythm or a guitar pattern before we start creating a song with everything blending together. Every song is different and the process is never exactly the same. Check out some of our first ideas in the video section.


Early-on in the creative process, we take the songs to the studio to record first takes. This is where we see if what is in our heads works out well together, or figure out how we can change a sequence to enhance the listening experience, the energy and the tension. Right now, this process is taking place at the Helium Records in Basel, Switzerland.


On November 5th, we’ll be heading to New York for further recordings and final production. All songs will be recorded at Studio G Brooklyn and Strange Weather. We are looking forward to working with Tim Leitner again, who already supported us with production and mixed our first Major Release Single «Home One Day» on our latest EP «Penpapercoffee». And this time – for the first time – the whole band will be traveling to New York! We’re only going to stay for two weeks, but we’ll be in the studio every day, making the most of the empire state of mind.


Some people try to make you believe that they «can fix it in the mix» simply because they actually can! They can auto-tune vocals, adjust loose drum parts and make it sound tight. And if you manage to record four bars of a good sounding guitar they can easily copy/paste that part throughout the entire song. Cool, eh? Nah, not really. We prefer to constantly improve our skills, so that Tim Leitner can focus on mixing a great album instead of fixing problems.

Naming, song order and cover art

Choosing a name for a new album can be tricky. Sometimes it’s a quick decision, but yet it’s a big one. And don’t be fooled: The same goes for choosing the order of the songs on the album. Yes, even in times where most people press shuffle on their iPod or smartphone, we still put in the effort to place all songs in the optimal order. And then there’s the visual aspect of our album: the cover art. With all endless design options available, we will make sure to make a cover that’ll represent us and our music.

It’s gonna be exciting, busy times – we’re looking forward to sharing them with you!