Partnering with Muve Recordings

Right when we started working on the new album, I knew it would be different. I wasn’t going to repeat what I’d already done before. I wasn’t going to bask in the comfort zone. So, instead of going all «Safety First» by fulfilling everyone’s expectations, I was about to challenge my own routines.

The new songs reflect much more intensity and a raw energy. A pattern that only seems fitting in these troubled times all over the world. Because now is not the time to be complacent – it’s the time to rise and create a strong voice. On behalf of all people involved in the making of this album, I hope the songs will support and empower you – so you can not only like but also love it.

Needless to say that a goal like this requires great people to work with, great partners that trust and support us. In short: people who are up for the challenge because they see beyond it. And let me tell you: it ain’t easy to find’em! Which is why, I’m more than happy and proud to announce our new partner for the upcoming album «Kingdom Of The Upright Man»: Muve Recordings. Founded in 1935, the independent record company has a long history in the swiss and international music industry. They exclusively distribute leading artists such as Adele, Depeche Mode and Moby in Switzerland and in turn represent Swiss artists like Gotthard, Pegasus and Müslüm abroad. We are very much looking forward to working with General Director Pascal Künzi and A&R/Product Manager Andrea Gujer in the future!

FLTR: A&R/Product Manager Andrea Gujer, BAUM, General Director Pascal Künzi.

FLTR: A&R/Product Manager Andrea Gujer, BAUM, General Director Pascal Künzi.

We all can’t wait to publish the new album, but with all these recent changes, it’ll still take some time to do it right. There’s a whole lot more preparation involved than one might think. Which is why we are endlessly thankful for all of your patience – you won’t be disappointed!