«Things In Life» was the first song we started working on for the upcoming album «Kingdom Of The Upright Man». We touched down in New York in November 2015, settled in at Studio G Brooklyn, and continued creating the instrumentation on the song. We set up two drum kits opposite of each other in the studio, so our dream-team Marc and André could work their mighty magic. The groundwork was laid. Some rhythms and stomps later, we continued by creating a wall of electric guitars at the Strange Weather Recording Studio.

Now, this all sounds like a quick process, but after the basic components were decided, it was all about fine-tuning. Adding a little here, losing a bit there. Believe it or not, but the song wasn’t finished until just a few weeks ago! People kept asking why this took so long. Truth is: a song with two drummers, mighty stomps and a wall of electric guitars takes time – especially if you want it to be great instead of just good!

So here we finally go: our new single «Things In Life» is now available in any of your favorite download stores: