Welcome to Baummusic


Huge facelift for our website!

On this new website, we don’t want to just inform you – we want you to experience our music and everything around it. Because music is not about facts, it’s about emotions. The site will evolve with the changing of seasons. Content will be changed, enhanced and added regularly. If you come by from time to time, you’ll be the first to see what we’re creating and what’s happening behind the scenes.

Why are we doing this, you might ask?

Because making music is a process, it’s a constant development. Releasing a new album is definitely a highlight for you and for us, but in some ways the actual product is only a snap-shot of our work. There is so much happening before and after; inspiring moments, crazy ideas, challenging projects. These things, too, make us who we are – and form the way we approach our music. Our goal is to share more of these in-betweens with you, allowing you to partake in our process. So, welcome to our new home here, and thank you for joining the journey! Oh, one more thing: Any feedback to this site and its content is greatly appreciated.

Yours, BAUM